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Hello World!

This blog is going to track two parallel voyages of discovery.  My wife, Kelly, and I have been changing our diet for several years and have arrived at a place where we feel we have some ideas we would like to share.  I also teach nutrition at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC), and my students have asked me to post some of the things they have brought to class.  It is a requirement in my class that each student has to prepare and bring a dish that satisfies my grading criteria.  The dish must be both nutritious and delicious.  They have to provide the recipe for the dish and we must satisfy ourselves that the food is actually as delicious as they would have us believe.  I will be posting recipes from their contributions.

Kelly and I have also been developing recipes that we would like to share with our readers.  We eat a plant-based diet using whole foods that are as locally sourced as is practical.  The terms ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’ have come to be associated with a whole lifestyle with which some people are unwilling to associate themselves.  I do not believe it is necessary to be vegan to be healthy, but it helps to change the emphasis of the meal from meat to plants.

No matter what the constraints of the diet are, I do not believe a diet is sustainable unless the consumer is happy with it.  Food needs to be delicious as well as nutritious, and I hope to share with you the knowledge that allows you to eat that way.

These days, there are so many wonderful sources of information about food.  I will be posting links to some great food blogs and websites that we use.  There are also some great books that have informed my diet selections.  I will refer you to some of those.